Shredder-Mixer for waste organic fraction

Shredder-Mixer for Waste Organic Fraction



The MSC 12-18 is a high speed shredder designed to tear organic wastes bags, reduce size and mix the waste. It is composed by a large feed hopper a shredding unit and an outlet conveyor. The hopper provides to receive the waste and to feed the shredder. It is made up by a chain conveyor covered with rubber belt with variable speed. The shredding unit is composed by an high speed rotor with oscillating knives installed into an heavy built shredding chamber and moved by an electric motor with belt transmission. At the outlet a sieve provide to re-circulate the oversize material. The sieve can be easily removed or changed. The shredding effect can be enhanced through a “” that can be easily adjusted at the desired position. The motor is protected by sensors that temporarily stop the feed in case of   overload.

The shredding chamber is shaped to ease re-circulating effect without eject material from inlet opening.  Oscillating knives are built in high resistance steel hardox 400.

Great attention has been dedicated to feed conveyor construction.  Oversized chains connected with heavy C profiles provide to assure great load capabilities and long working life. The rubber belt that covers the conveying surface is oil and cut proof.  The side boards are provided with rubber tapes at the bottom to avoid material drop. These tapes are easily adjustable and replaceable. The machine is easy and quick to install and does not require special foundation works.