Drum Screening Station

Drum Screening Station


Machines designed to screen different materials as wastes, soil, compost. The rotating drum is driven by 4 strong support steel rollers coated with Vulkollan.  The rollers are in contact with support rings in high quality steel welded on the outer surface of the cylinder, and are provided of adjusting system The gearmotors are directly fitted on the shaft of each support roller to share the traction power and  maximize the roller life. Heavy duty Vulkollan coated wheels fully adjustable act as horizontal contrast safety rollers. The rotating speed is variable through electronic inverter.

The cylinder has welded screw profiles inside and is inclined 3° to ease material movement. Multiple holes sizes are available on customer demand. The cylinder is protected by side doors on each side that can be easily opened for cleaning, and by a top cover provided with exhaust pipe opening to be connected to the customer dust removing plant. The top cover can be easily removed for cylinder substitution. Cylinder cleaning is assured by scrapers and multiple motorized brushing units. It is also possible to perform extraordinary cleaning by accessing the cylinder by the side doors. Inlet and outlet hoppers are shielded by rubber stripes. The screened material falls in the lower chutes provided with conveyors to extract the separated fractions.

All the parts in motion are protected from accidental contact. The motor and bearings have special protections to avoid intrusion of waste materials and liquid.