ECOWEC is a Wave Energy Converter designed to overcome all financial and technical barriers that currently hinder the commercial uptake of wave energy: high cost of energy and inability to withstand extreme environmental conditions. This is possible thanks to its unique design and to the multiple functions performed by our device: electric and thermal energy production and coastal erosion control. A highly efficient thermodynamic power take-off (PTO) system recovers the heat produced during air compression phase and store it for future use; the harvesting of kinetic and potential energy of waves, allows the mitigation of the effects of coastal erosion on the artificial structures hosting the device.

ECOWEC_fazmec ECOWEC. Image of the end-product. A. Salter’s Duck Buoy. B. Compression Group. C. Thermal storage tank. D. High-pressure compressed air storage tank. E. Pneumatic motor and electric generator.

Thanks to its onshore, simple and reliable mechanical structure, an efficient and well-proven conversion system and the use of commercial components, a strong reduction of installation, maintenance and operative costs is possible, finally achieving a sustainable cost of energy.

ECOWEC technology is currently patent pending.


The operation mode


The buoy motion operates an air compressor, that pumps air in a high-pressure tank. The mechanical energy is hence stored under the form of compressed air, and can be easily used when needed. The system recovers the heat produced during this phase and stores it under the form of overheated water. Compressed air is a source for mechanical energy, that can be used to produce electricity by mean of a pneumatic motor and a generator. Thermal energy can be used for different purposes: heating of adjacent buildings, increasing of the efficiency in the expansion phase of compressed air, etc.

The simple, scalable and modular device was specially designed to reach a large market diffusion: each client will be able to customize its wave farm according to its specific financial, spatial, energetic and personal need.





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