ECOWEC is a Wave Energy Converter designed to overcome all financial and technical barriers that currently hinder the commercial uptake of wave energy: high cost of energy and inability to withstand extreme environmental conditions. This is possible thanks to its unique design and to the multiple functions performed by our device: electric and thermal energy production and coastal erosion control.

ECOWEC: Near Shore version

Thanks to its  simple and reliable mechanical structure, an efficient and well-proven conversion system and the use of commercial components, a strong reduction of installation, maintenance and operative costs is possible, finally achieving a sustainable cost of energy.

ECOWEC technology is covered by patent n.: 102018000009018

The simple, scalable and modular device was specially designed to reach a large market diffusion: each client will be able to customize its wave farm according to its specific financial, spatial, energetic and personal need.


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This project is co-funded by European Commission in the frame of Horizon 2020 – SME Instrument phase 1 programme, under Grant Agreement no. 888528.

EcoWec : Onshore version
EcoWec: Test on small scale model