Fazzini Meccanica: an engineering company


Fazzini Meccanica snc is a mechanical engineering company based in Verona, Italy. Our company is specialized in supplying complete and customized mechanical plants as well as special machines. By combining engineering and mechanical designing, we take charge of the entire development of the project: from the preliminary studies, to the workshop drawings, up to the documentation related to the new products.

Flexibility, Expertise and continuous Training are main features in our job: we guarantee high quality services thanks to the use of modern engineering softwares and the employing of highly qualified staff. We decided to hire just graduated engineers and we take care of their continuous training, in order be always prepared to face new challenges.

We are one of the few companies in northern Italy capable to offer an integrated solution for the development, the detail design and the construction of customized and innovative machineries. All this features allowed us to collaborate with important projects led by many leader companies.

Our Mission

We aim to be a reference-point for companies in need of customized engineering solutions for their business. Thanks to our flexibility, competence, technologies and quick-response, we can design machines, complete and tested plants, executive projects, studies, and any calculation related to them.

Our Services

Mechanical Designing
Feasibility studies
Stress analysis
Numerical simulations
Prototype basic design
Commercial components definition
Detail design
Mechanical parts sizing
Assembly drawings
Workshop drawings
Parts list
Exploded drawings
Calculation reports
Cost analysis
Risk analysis
CE certification
Finite Element Analysis
Linear and non-linear stress analysis
Vibration analysis
Buckling verification
Elastoplastic structural analysis
Fatigue verification
Heat transfer
Steel seismical structural analysis
Structural verification according to the most important standards
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Steady State flow
Transient flow
Two-fluid scalar mixing
Two-phase flow
Free surface flow
Water hammer
Conduction and conjugate heat transfer
Forced natural mixed conversion
Temperature dependent heat source
Rapid Prototyping
Max. part sizing: 300 x 420 x 300 mm
Materials: PLA-S, Nylon, Glass-fiber reinforced nylon, carbon-fiber reinforced nylon, TPure, polypropylene, ABS