Automatic shredding plant

Automatic Shredding Plant


automatic shredding plant-fazzini-meccanica

The Automatic shredding Plant was delivered in Pratola Serra Fiat Auto plant. It is made up by a belt conveyor, a 37 Kw shredder with pressing unit to avoid material stops in the feeling hopper a storage silo and an automatic unloading device. The machines are fully automatic and computer controlled. The 37 Kw shredder has two counter rotating shafts with an automatic motor load control to protect mechanical and electric parts. For safety the loading place is continuously controlled to avoid that materials different from paper and cartons are fed. The working area is protected with lexan foils and inspection doors are protected with interlocking devices At storage silo full the shredder stops and the system is ready for unloading. Sensors are fitted to avoid that the silo is emptied with no container at the outlet. At machine stopped the inlet door is automatically closed.